How high can you grow?

Industree is a management simulation game where you are a tree and have to manage your different tree parts and their resources and get as big as you can!

All your parts will use up resources, like CO2, minerals and water and generate new ones like oxygen and glucose. Watch out that you have enough resources, or your tree will begin to die!

But life in the forest isn't as easy you may think. Pesky pests will try and suck the lifeblood out of you. Also extreme weather events like storm and drought will take a toll on your tree. To counter these you have to adapt to your environment.

You do this in form of cell upgrades. Each part of your tree cell can be upgraded and adapted to face the challenges of nature. Only those who adapt will overcome.


While Industree is meant to be a fun management simulation game first and foremost, we of course try to convey a message to the player: Trees are complex organisms and are made up of many intricately intervined systems.

The trees in this game will be hit with realistic challenges, like the aforementioned pests and droughts for example. In trying to overcome these, the player will hopefully learn what affects trees in the real world, what role they play in our world and how they can help them.

We work together with biologists and base our game design on scientific literature to get as close to nature as possible. Also to please the biology nerds.

We hope that our game will be so educating that it can be played at school in biology class.

Stage of development

We recently completed the concept phase of this project, culminating in a text-based proof-of-concept. This proof-of-concept explores the core gameplay mechanics of the game - which is basically numbers going up and down - without wasting time on fancy graphics or narration.

Prototype Funding

We recently received prototype funding by the FFF Bayern and the budgetary funds of the Free State of Bavaria! We will begin working on our prototype soon.