About us

Who we are and what we do

We are Well Done Games.

A German up-and-coming indie game development studio from Nürnberg in Bavaria! We are a team of friends turning their passion into profession.

What's a Well Done Games doing?

Well Done Games is making fun games with a purpose. Combining our knowledge in game design and insights from game studies we make games that are not only fun to play but also try to fulfill a role in our society. All while maintaining a unique style to our games that is hard to put in words.

As a fairly small team (not speaking of body height) everyone needs to fill out multiple roles in game development. But that's no problem, as our team is highly diversified across different disciplines. Keeping it small also cuts a lot of overhead and bloat you would encounter in larger-sized companies.

Keep your friends close, but your enemies even closer. And your real good friends even more close! We are part of a great network of game developers in the region of Franconia, Bavaria and Germany in general. You know and help each other around these parts. <3

That's why we decided to share an office with the Pixel Maniacs and the Spaceflowers. The synergy is invaluable and we wouldn't want to trade it for anything.

Our motto: Making fun games with a purpose.


Like most mammals, we as humans like to play for fun. There is no rhyme or reason to it - play is fun, inherently. The experience of playing a game is therefore a very special part of the human condition.

To shape this experience to be the best it can be is our job as game designers.


Not interactive visualizations, not simulations with user interaction, not gamified app experiences.

We make games, and we believe in the power of games as an persuasive art form. Sure, why not, the above can be part of a game, but in the end, what makes a game are its rules, systems, machanics and most importantly - you! The player! And your interaction with these things.


Systems drive the world. Their interconnecting and interacting is everwhere. We as game designers have the responsibility to make the systems visible, understandable and interactable.

Not just for fun, but because system literacy is one of the core skills to have as a modern human and to make our society better.

As games and play are the foundation of our culture, we try to give back by improving our culture through play.

How we work

We try to work as iteratively as possible. That means having something playable early on in the development process which we can than evaluate and base our future design decisions on.

This iterative approach is part of the reason why we borrowed the Scrum project management method from software development for ourselves. Working towards the set goal of a useable prototype every few weeks shows mistakes early and allows for correcting them. Also it keeps everyone on the same page of where the project is and where it should go.

So our motto is: prototype fast, fail faster. And the more you fail, the better you get.

We work mainly in Godot and Unity, although we are tool-agnostic if the situation demands for it. We are not scared to try new things, in fact, we rarely do the same thing twice.

Our Team


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A man of thousand interests, Alex tried to combine everything he enjoys and landed in game development. While focusing on game design and programming, he also enjoys to draw a thing here and there and have a jam on his synthesizer or guitar.

His newest obsession is the Godot Engine and the ecosystem around it. Also he is currently sinking much time into urban planning videos/books and the Dune novels. He dove head-forward into quite a few creative endeavores and mastered none of them. A true jack of all trades.


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Andi is our artistic genius. He likes to draw cute cartoon characters and make awesome 3D models, all in his quite unique style.

He is obsessed with old computer role-playing games no one has ever heard about. Consequently, he is a big fan of Lord Of The Rings and similar fantasy worlds.

Andi is also a great musician, getting good sounding things out of the most obscure tools.


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Elmo, and no one knows if that is his real name, loves a good round of designing. Narrative design and worldbuilding are where he feels right at home. Going the academic route, Elmo is especially interested in everything Game Studies and social economics and likes to read and write academic papers day-in and day-out. (Let's be honest, who doesn't?)

When he is not out there balancing weapons against each other in enormous Excel sheets, he likes to write his own pen-and-paper adventures across various systems.


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Ben the man! Ben is a marketing and PR wizard. Having thrived in the Web 2.0 boom and the rise of the modern smartphone, his ideas for new marketing strategies or his sense for new business opportunities never fail to impress.

A PHP developer at night and medium-sized TikTok star at day, Ben has a lot of responsibilities on his shoulders, which he masters gracefully.

He and his company, the Pixel Maniacs, are one of the backbones of the Franconian games industry. And Alex, after having worked there, was sure he wanted to keep doing something with these great people - so he founded a company with Ben and put up tent in their office in Nürnberg!

Fuck yeah, diversity!

We support the joint effort of German game developers to make our industry more inclusive for everybody.