Let's work together!

We will turn your money into games

Like what you've seen and you want to know how you can work together with us to get your own game for your business? Or your school class? Or anything else? Well, you have come to the right place!

What we can do for you

Game development from start to finish.

You tell us what you want and we try to make it happen. You don't know what you want yet? No problem, we will try to get a game concept together tailored specifically to you and your purpose. After that, we take over and try to make the game, continually keeping you up to date and refining the game idea with you at each iteration of development.

Outsourcing of game development and marketing tasks.

You need help finishing your current game project? You need someone to market your game after the fact? We can happily help you with that!

Game development tooling.

Having done a few games by now, we know where workflows usually get stuck and we want to help you get over that by offering specific tooling.

Our expertise


We have done a lot of games in Unity and also quite a few in Godot now. We know our way around each engine and want to slowly focus solely on Godot. But if the need arises, we are pretty tool-agnostic.

Unique game mechanics

We always try to do something different, either different from the status quo or different from something we have done already. Through clever recombination of existing ideas, you can be sure we will find a unique twist to your game.

Stylized game art

Our game art is almost always stylized, in one way or the other. We are no fans of (hyper-)realistic graphics, needless to say it is rarely sustainable to chase that goal as a mom-and-pop indie studio. We feel comfortable in 2D or 3D, each one has its benefits and its drawbacks.

Agile game development

We work with Scrum and iterate in sprints. That ensures that we have continuous prototypes for you to test and give feedback on. Beause early feedback is the secret to happiness.

Where to go from here?

Let's get in touch and we will surely figure something out!