A friendly chat experience is a simple chat platform where you walk around with your character in a small town and talk to other players doing the same. You communicate via floating chat bubble that only stay for a short time and than vanish.


We developed, which is an early prototype btw, to find out if the web communication capabilities of the Godot engine and if it's any good. An needless to say - it works great! We set up communication with a web server via Websockets in no time. This was a great learning experience, as it was our first time developing a backend for an online game.

Also, Godot's HTML5 support is great. The engine even hosts a local web server so you can test your game without uploading. Also the exported version is very usable and works great when hosted on

Development State is still a rough prototype. We were mainly focused on getting the stuff behind the scenes to work - namely the communication between the web server side (a Node.js server hosted on Uberspace) and the client side (written in GDScript in Godot).

That said, you can try out the game in it's current state here.