Beyond The Flood

Keep a flooded village afloat

Beyond the Flood is a game concept in the making and the latest project we are working on.

Beyond the Flood is a 3D top-down action-adventure, where you drive through a flooded village in your makeshift boat and try to help its citizens saving their possessions and their lives in exchange for goods.

Help a grandma save her precious porcellaine while she sits on her rooftop waiting for help. Aid the locals cleaning rubble. Organize clean water and food for everyone.

Your rewards for helping the locals are things you can use to upgrade your boat, or trade away to other locals in exchange for event better upgrades.

Bit-after-bit, as you and your boat get better, you will be able to access more areas and help more people, unti hopefully everyone gets rescued.


We have developed a first High Concept, which got funding from the Bavarian state and are currently in the process of developing the final High Concept, with which we will hopefully be able to go into producing a prototype with.

If you find this concept interesting and want to support us - please get in touch!


Well Done Games and Beyond The Flood are financially supported by FFF Bayern and the budgetary funds of the Free State of Bavaria.